Tips for your 1st Day at a Coworking Space

As a young entrepreneur, new freelancer or fresh-minded grad you have found the perfect spot to begin and develop your business: a coworking space. But now that the desk is booked, the bill is paid, how do you face your first day in a shared office? Is there a wrong or right way to begin?

One thing that is for sure: is there is no perfect way. So we have put together a list, a guide or insight into how to survive your first day in a new space. So let’s dive in!


All those new people looking at you as you cross the space for the first time are nice (honestly), and won’t bite you, unless they haven’t had their breakfast! They’ve all been there, first day nerves. Most of them have the same goal as you: to extend and improve their business within a friendly atmosphere and relaxed area. Infact your new coworkers will be eager to learn about you and your business, so pick a mug, have a cuppa tea or coffee and have a chit chat and see if there if there is any common ground or synergy.

Take a tour of the entire space

Yes, you have already done a quick tour of the space, but now that you are a paid up member, take time out and have a proper look around your new home. Spot the most relaxing seat for lunch and the best place to escape and think.

Don’t stay in the same place

There will different spots, desks, bean bags, nooks and crooks with varying degrees of daylight for you to choose from. If the one you chose doesn’t fit or feel right, change it up! A coworking space is always moving, welcoming new members and saying goodbye to others. Talk with the manager of the space to find somewhere else that may suit you and your way of working better.

Chit chat

The first principle of a coworking space is to gather different people, activities, minds, thoughts and personalities into one space. What, where and how is the best opportunity/method to meet people, extend your business or just talk about the last episode of your favorite TV show (Game Of Thrones is always a sure bet). Don’t be shy, introduce yourself to your new neighbour. Afterall we all need a break now and again, or to talk about something completely different from you are currently working on, and with coworking you will always find someone for that.

Bring your mug and earphones

The kitchen can be a natural respite in a coworking space. A few minutes spent in the kitchen brings the perfect break to your workday. Take 5 minutes out of your day with someone you haven’t spoken to yet, a Star Wars mug will almost automatically spark up a conversation!
You are never going to please everyone when it comes to music, we all have an eclectic mix and always think that our own playlist is the best (ever). Some members will be heavy on the phone, skype, or just speak too loud affecting your concentration, so earphones are your besties to avoid interruption.

Stay yourself

This is the best advice. Don’t be someone else, someone more open because you are in a coworking space. If you are not a talker, just say hello, you are not obliged to have a 20-minute conversation with everybody every day. It Is your office too, make it your home.

Barry is the CEO & Co-founder of Superpixel with a passion for business and an avid entrepreneur. Having worked in corporate banking he has gone on to lead the Superpixel team in Ireland and the UK. Barry graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering. He went to do a Masters in Project Management before he was awarded his MSc Finance from Imperial College London.