The Dos and Don’ts of Office Space Sharing: Office Sharing Etiquette

Your creativity can be developed and improved by sharing an office space, moreover, you can meet lots of people coming from several backgrounds who can help you to grow your business and of course when you share an office you can save money.
Sometimes people are afraid by sharing an office because they don’t want that people invade their privacy.

In this list you will find some piece of advice to share a workspace with other people.

Do :

  • “Your co-workers might be the type of people who need a quiet space so respect this while you’re working. If you talk loudly on the phone, go outside to take private calls and keep your phone on low volume or on silent. Getting a text every five minutes might mean you’re popular with your friends, but you certainly won’t be in the office.” Use headphones to listen your favorite music.


  • Keep your place clean, remove debris like fruit pits, candy wrappers, or sodden tea bags immediately. Keeping things clean shows respect for yourself and the people you work with. And don’t forget when you are using shared areas such as boardrooms, conference rooms and kitchens, don’t leave the space looking trashed


  • Talk to people, this is one of the best benefits of a coworking space. You can collaborate, support and help each other. “Spend some time introducing yourself to your fellow co-workers and attending the happy hours or events held there. Moreover, co-working communities are excellent sources of information, knowledge, leads, and skills, and as you get to know your neighbors, you’ll find ways to help each other out.”


  • “Be interested in what other folks are working on. Participate in the coworking culture and socialize with your neighbors, also. The great part about being part of a coworking space is that you can learn about other products, projects, and ideas. Talk to other members about their current projects and start socializing.” You can bring ideas but also receive some advice about your own project. Be friendly and respectful in order to create an harmonious space between all members in the coworking space.


Don’t do :

  • “If you need to speak to someone privately, either in person or on the phone, use a meeting room instead of your desk. Both the client and your co-workers will benefit from this.


  • Loudly discussing the details of a deal you’re working on while your office mate sits (with her fingers in her ears) crunching numbers.”


  • “Be messy. This ties in with being considerate and applies to both your desk and communal areas. Some people might have a real problem with messiness and can’t concentrate if they’re looking at your stacks of papers and last week’s lunch.”
Barry is the CEO & Co-founder of Superpixel with a passion for business and an avid entrepreneur. Having worked in corporate banking he has gone on to lead the Superpixel team in Ireland and the UK. Barry graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering. He went to do a Masters in Project Management before he was awarded his MSc Finance from Imperial College London.