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A co-working office is the ideal place to share new ideas and hear from alternative projects.
You can always find at your co-working space this creative person who will come with some crazy and innovative ideas about anything for example “let’s make a flower pot out of this plastic bottle!” And guess what, usually these ideas are the best!

  • Why becoming Green?

Today, more and more people feel concerned about their way of living (should I eat vegetarian, should I go for a run, should I take my bicycle instead?) and the environment they live in (which bin does it go in again?). We are not just talking about random people, but maybe YOU would also launch yourself in this green adventure?
There are simple gestures which will make everybody more engaged towards environment. You will see, it is easy!

  • Co+Working

“Co” means “with, together”. It takes its roots from the latin “cum”. So, Co-working really means working together, sharing the space, the ideas, the atmosphere – usually it is better if it is positive and green at the utmost!


A co-working space is not just an open space, it is above all a flexible, collaborative and multi-purpose space where we want people to feel good- as a member of the family- and thus enable them to improve their communication, productivity and creativity. It’s a place of interactions: interactions between colleagues as a community and interactions between human beings and even nature. “Co-working spaces possess a huge potential to support environmental sustainability due to their inherently sharing-oriented constitution. At its foundations, co-working supports the sharing of space, supplies and other resources, thereby cutting down on basic wastefulness.”

At Superpixel Labs, we have an amazing working space colorful and alive. We want to take care of our great work environment as well as of the planet we live on. Our goal now is to focus more on our impact on the environment.

  • Green Co-working at Superpixel Labs

Superpixel Labs would like to encourage you to be always more involved for the environment!
We do it our self step-by-step and would be glad if you would help us and bring your ideas!
Superpixel Labs is happy to recycle its Nespresso capsules and composting food with its Obeo bags!

Eco-friendly acting for a sustainable vision


There is a simple rule that we can start applying right now! It’s called the three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. So, let’s act differently from now on, support small changes and keep going on a sustainable vision.

hands up Reuse: Don’t throw it away! Be creative!
Recently, we had a wonderful piece of Art at the entrance of our building called “Art of trash”. Let us inspire by this kind of new design work! Let’s transform our trash into something creative, useful or just recycled. Some example: your delivery boxes, your plastic bottles, even your used paper…!

hands up Reduce: Small changes make big difference
– Drink water from the tab with glasses or a flask instead of plastic ones!
– Reuse your used paper for drafts
– Take Tupperware instead of new plastics/cartons
– Read the electronic version before printing
– Use LED lighting
– Reduce energy with energy-saving equipment
– Buy first furniture created from recycled materials.

hands up Recycle: Help us to sort the trash!
– Paper / carton
– Plastic
– Ink cartridges/ batteries

And do you know you can donate your old machines (computer, scanner etc…) to the Lab project in Malawi (young innovators & entrepreneurs, that facilitate the learning and practicing of advanced computer skills)? They will provide them to children in need in Africa and teach them IT!


Contact them:
Tél: 0991384849 or 0996414524

And you? What do you think about Coworking in green?
Let us your comments!

Barry is the CEO & Co-founder of Superpixel with a passion for business and an avid entrepreneur. Having worked in corporate banking he has gone on to lead the Superpixel team in Ireland and the UK. Barry graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering. He went to do a Masters in Project Management before he was awarded his MSc Finance from Imperial College London.