A co-working office is the ideal place to share new ideas and hear from alternative projects. You can always find at your co-working space this creative person who will come with some crazy and innovative ideas about anything for example “let’s make a flower pot out of this plastic bottle!” And guess what, usually these ideas are the best! Why [...]

Inaugural Creative Mash Podcast

Creative Mash is a new podcast that is starting a conversation that will demystify and inspire creativity. The first episode was recorded here in SuperPixel labs in Galway by Thomas Langan who held a round table discussion with founder of Above the Fold Conference, Jane Gleeson, and two of her speakers, Melanie Lynch of Herstory and visual [...]

Tips for your 1st Day at a Coworking Space

As a young entrepreneur, new freelancer or fresh-minded grad you have found the perfect spot to begin and develop your business: a coworking space. But now that the desk is booked, the bill is paid, how do you face your first day in a shared office? Is there a wrong or right way to begin? One thing that is for sure: is there is no perfect way. [...]

SuperPixel Marketing and Business Internship

SuperPixel is hiring an intern for a 3-12 month contract starting at the end of June 2016. We are looking for somebody very clever, with drive and ambition, who has an interest in the media, and is looking for a start in the world. The job title is marketing and business intern. So if you’re clued in, curious, and not afraid of hard work, we’d [...]

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

This blog came about after reading another fab article from Harvard Business Review around the positive effects of coworking. There is something special about coworking spaces. As researchers who have, for years, studied how employees thrive, we were surprised to discover that people who belong to them report levels of thriving that approach [...]