The June Meetup is being brought forward to facilitate 3 more people who have applied to New Frontiers GMIT to practice the pitch they will make if they get called for interview. 2 more people asked to Pitch at our May event so we decided to run the same event again on Thursday 2nd June in SuperPixel Labs.

So we have time for one more person to pitch. Details of the entrepreneurs will be released next week.

New Frontiers is the premier business and entrepreneur development programme in Ireland supported by Enterprise Ireland. The deadline to apply for New Frontiers phase 2 in GMIT was 20th May.

Please note that this event is completely independent of either GMIT or Enterprise Ireland – for this meeting there will be no representative from those organisations associated with New Frontiers who will be attending this meetup.

Given the schedule they may not actually know if they have got an interview but we will follow the format that we think will be followed for the official application process.

As such we will be asking you to present for about 6-8 minutes with about the same amount of slides with Questions for about another 10 minutes so total of 20 minutes per slot.ouragement.

There is an open call to all GMIT New Frontiers Alumni to attend to share their knowledge and expertise – please feel free to pass on this message..

Contact Donncha at for more details.

Registration here.